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Dealing with family law issues can be very stressful and extremely emotional.  We are experienced in dealing with all types of family law issues, including custody, divorce and domestic violence issues.  Call us today and we will help you navigate the legal system which can be complicated and frustrating without an experienced advocate.

Absolute Divorce
If you and your spouse have been separated for one year and have decided to divorce but need help with the legal paperwork, call and schedule a consultation and we will help you start the process today.

Whether you need to file for Emergency Custody or just need an agreement between parents formalized, we will help you with your custody and visitation needs.

Domestic Violence
We will help you if you are a victim of domestic violence and need to obtain a Domestic Violence Order of Protection against your abuser, also known as a 50B.  Facing an abuser in court without an attorney can at best be intimidating and at worst be terrifying.  Call to schedule an appointment so that you have someone to represent your interests.

We will help you if you have been falsely accused by your spouse or intimate partner of domestic violence and need representation to defend against a Domestic Violence Order of Protection or assault charge, we will represent you with both the civil and criminal matters that are often involved in such matters.

Separation Agreements
If you and your spouse are separated or contemplating separation you may be able to avoid having to go through costly and stressful litigation if you can enter into a Separation Agreement.  We can assist you with a separation agreement regarding child custody, visitation, child support and agreements regarding property and debt.

Equitable Distribution and Spousal Support
Equitable Distribution is the process of legally dividing a married couples debt and property.  Often, if one spouse is financially dependent on the other spouse, this lawsuit is combined with a claim for Spousal Support.  We will represent your interests in these matters whether you are requesting support, defending a claim for support or just need to formally go through the process to formally divide all assets and debts.